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Desk risers – A well-lit space, ideally with natural light, a spacious and tidy table, trays to sort the papers, pleasant temperature and, of course, a comfortable and ergonomic chair. All these factors influence the productivity of workers when they are in the office but, what happens if you work at home? People who spend many hours working at home or who even have their offices in it, sometimes can not separate the domestic from the work.

Does the food or the laundry, get the dog out, the crying baby, answer the phone … Working at home can become a series of endless interruptions. If we add that you do not usually have the right desk risers and chair to be sitting in front of a computer, both work and health can suffer. A good work chair must meet five essential requirements: an adjustable and wide seat, a backrest that adapts to the back

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And pick up the lower back, an armrest that forms a 90 degree angle with the backrest, a base with wheels and a breathable fabric. Therefore, they are not usually very cheap pieces. However, it is an investment that immediately has a beneficial effect on health. Next, desk risers design models that are the best of the best in their field.

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