Table Levelers, Why Consider Them?

The furniture of daily use suffer constant wear; chairs, tables and even armchairs can have the effect of “dancing” from one side to the other, making it look like one leg is bigger than the other. An effective solution to this is table levelers. The levelers are small plastic or metal bases, or both, with a screw on one of their sides. Said screw is screwed to the foot of the piece of furniture to be leveled and adjusted to the desired size.

There are exterior and interior levelers, the latter are specially made so that they are not exposed to the view; some of them have metal supports in which the weight of the furniture to be leveled must be supported. Before thinking about calling a carpenter to make new legs for your furniture, consider the use of table levelers, which in addition to economic, provides immediate results and the best is its installation, can be done without the need to hire help from a professional.

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Many people use levelers with plastic and rubber base not only to solve problems in the legs of their furniture, also, these small devices facilitate the drag of the same, without mistreating the floor or the legs of the furniture. In general, the color of the table levelers usually varies depending on the material with which the base is made, those of plastic, for example, are mostly black; however, it may vary. And the metal ones, which can also be chromed.

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