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School lab tables is type of tables are designed and considered to cover the teaching needs, taking advantage of the spaces, circulation and functional design. The school tables have different characteristics. So this laboratory furniture is considered for basic education laboratories, medium and higher education laboratories, as well as research centers. These laboratory tables within the school institutions are functional and adaptable to much function.

Include physics laboratories, Chemistry Laboratories, Biology Laboratories, and Botanical Laboratories. Also Mechanical Mecca Laboratories, Biotechnology Laboratories, Materials Laboratories, Veterinary Laboratories, Multifunctional Laboratories, Etc. This is just to mention some of the school laboratories in which this type of lab tables can be integrated. By the location of the tables, the cover is smooth, to have a uniform work surface.

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This type of lab tables can be categorized as follows according to their design: Hex Table, Classical School Table, Classical Central Table, Basic Structural School Board and Stylized Structural School Board. Some of them are also available models of two and three posts with air and gas distribution system with fume extraction system. Structure in metallic profile that includes the lighting system, supports for hanging motors and electrical system. The work table includes the system of distribution of gas and compressed air, the system of aspiration of fumes and filing powders.

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