Install An Outlet Inside Medical Cabinets

Medical cabinets – Many bathrooms in a home have a vanity and a mirror that is connected to a medical cabinet. Some medical cabinets can hide an electrical outlet. Adding an electrical outlet to a medical cabinet resembles installing a new outlet on an existing wall. You can install an electrical outlet in a medical cabinet after deciding whether the outlet should be placed.


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Turn off the power to the bathroom. Locate the breaker box and turn off the main power switch to break the power. Draw out the contours of the electrical box in the medical cabinets. Place electrical fields in the medical cabinet where you want it placed. Hold the box in place with one hand, and trace it around with a pen with the other hand. Remove the medicine cabinet from the wall. Use a drill to remove the screws that secure the medical cabinet to the wall. Replace the drill to remove the screws.

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Place the medical cabinets on a pair of saw horses, right side up, so you can see the pencil outline. Drill a hole in one corner of pencil outline for jigsaw using a drill. Put the puzzle into the hole and cut along the contour to create the hole. Hold the medical cabinet against the bathroom wall. Use a pen to track around the hole to draw a sketch on the wall. Cut a hole in the plaster using a drywall saw. Follow the contours with the saw and then remove the piece of plaster to expose the hole. Drive the electrical wire from the circuit box to the location of the outlet. Use a fish wire to drive electric wire through the floor to the hole in the wall.

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