Desk Pedals: Would You Use It?

Desk pedals – This particular desktop allows users to combine two functions to encourage movement at work. Obesity, bone weakening, back pain, or cardiovascular diseases may be some of the consequences that result from sedentary lifestyle. A problem that greatly affects those who perform office work, and remain seated for long hours.  For them, this gadget can become a great alternative.

This is “Desk”, a desk that contains pedals, similar to those of an exercise bike. To this, a second position is added, which allows you to work standing up. Although it is not the only device that allows desk pedals while working, the “Desk” has attracted the attention of the Association of Consumers of Technology, which awarded it during an annual innovation competition. That’s what it looks like.

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The dynamics are simple, the teachers take their students to the room where these types of desk pedals are and invite them to read while pedaling in sessions that are designed to last about 15 minutes. In addition, some classes in the center also have an extra bicycle in the corner, for those more active children who need to use it. As indicated from the center to the media, when they enrolled in the program, the original goal was to get students to burn calories; however the surprise came when it was also found that the children learned faster.

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