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4 Reasons You Should Buy a Chicken Plucker

by Sean

Processing chickens and other poultry is a series of activities. One of these activities is feather plucking; de-feathering a chicken can be challenging. Most people, even those used to it, find it time-consuming. This is where a chicken plucker comes in. A chicken plucker is a mechanical device for de-feathering poultry. The machine can be automated or semi-automated. There are many reasons you should buy a chicken plucker from reliable stores such as Alibaba.

Motivators for buying a chicken plucker

The purpose of buying a chicken plucker is to make processing poultry easier. Purchasing a chicken plucker can offer numerous benefits. If you have a restaurant and buy chicken directly from the farmers, you need this device. The same applies to those running poultry meat butcheries. Below are some of the main ones;

It reduces processing time

A chicken plucker helps reduce processing time for poultry foods. De-feathering a chicken or any other poultry can take several minutes. The process may take longer depending on the chicken and your skill level. Using a chicken plucker reduces the processing time for chicken. This mechanical device takes less than a minute to get the job done. This gives you enough time to handle other chicken preparation or processing processes.

Using a chicken plucker is more hygienic

De-feathering, a chicken is a messy task. It leaves chicken feathers, blood, and water scattered all around. This can be highly unhygienic in a residential or commercial area. The feathers may get in your kitchen appliances and soil your floors. Cleaning up after de-feathering a chicken manually takes a lot of work. A chicken plucker can prevent all this. It can get the job done without causing an unnecessary mess.

It is highly safe

Before plucking a chicken, one of the critical steps is cleaning and scalding. Scalding involves using boiling water. Plucking a chicken that has come out of a scalder can be dangerous. This is not an issue with a chicken plucker since a machine instead of human labor handles the entire process. While safety is not something to worry about, make sure you go through the device’s features to know how you need to use it appropriately. You should also prioritize maintenance. A properly maintained chicken plucker will serve you as expected.

It is easy to use 

A chicken plucker is also easy to use. It works using gentle mechanical friction against the chicken’s body. A protruding pointer rubber attachment produces the friction called the rubber finger; the rubber fingers come in direct contact with the chicken. All you need to do to work a chicken plucker is set it up in the right place and plug it in. The rest of the process is automatic or semi-automatic.


You can use a chicken plucker at home or in a commercial setting. Most chicken processing companies, restaurants, and large food establishments use chicken pluckers. These machines reduce the cost of labor because they can de-feather chicken faster and more quickly than a human. They can also process many birds at the same time.

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